It all starts with a thought, and then turns into an idea. From there the creative spirit takes over and the idea gets put down somehow in an analog or digital fashion. Whether it be by pencil and paper, digital art pad and computer, paint on a brush to board, or a scribble on a napkin over lunch, the whole process of everything focused at the “Studio” of Hosmer Studio and Gallery begins with the original creative thought. As artists, the “original” is the pinnacle point of departure that allows us to speak our minds visually to the world. The subject matter itself is important, but it only comes as a close secondary story line to the talent behind “how” it is told. After all, a ball is a ball is a ball if lit evenly on a white stage. But a ball lit dramatically, focused on, and surrounded by darkness…now thatʼs possibly something. Show it by painted brush, one gets a good reaction. Show it by black and white photograph, one gets another one completely different. Religious, political, personal, nature, industrial, it doesnʼt matter.  As artists, we are focused on the finest creation our talents will allow in order to meet the needs of those who seek it.

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